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>> looking for several men after a teenage girl was attacked while she was jogging on the southwest side. >> 4-five gunmen traveling in a dark to saddam tried to kidnap her and the cage park neighborhood. chicago police say if it had happened about 830 last night the 15 year-old victim was jogging southbound on california avenue. getting close to
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50th street when she was approached by a four-door vehicle with tinted rear windows. the teenagers of four- five young men in the car. one of them jumped up trying to pull the girl into the vehicle. >> >> chicago police asking people to take safety precautions. >> that happened on
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heavily traveled >> to interviewing witnesses and neighbors of two young boys.
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>> help the family with funeral expenses. strong storms moving across our area this midday elsewhere in nebraska was hit by tornadoes for the second day in a row. >> as many as three tornadoes ripped through the county. all of this just a day after a massive and violent twin tornadoes hit northeastern nebraska obliterating practically everything in their path. major flooding has left parts of iowa under water. heavy rainfall across parts of minnesota and south dakota caused substantial flooding rivers and lakes. damaging homes cars and businesses.
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>> a bad financial gamble by the city of chicago could cost taxpayers $200 million. another further drop could trigger those fees. a similar bad investment drove the truck into bankruptcy. the mayor says the city is trying to reduce its risk. >> following the example of the animal rights activists and less of durbin naperville they want to ban the sale of dogs from puppy mills. residents introduced the proposal that the city council meeting last night. >> city council
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members say they have been researching the issue and that they will take up the proposal at the meeting in august. >> expanding to the city's far west side. >> one of those stations will be near a six corner shopping district. >> libya wants the suspected ringleader back in their country. the lawyers for the boston bombing suspect will be in court today asking for a change of court today asking for a change of venue. fow
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40 people missing after a boat carrying 97 indonesia and sank in waters off of malaysia's west coast. capsized after leaving the
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canary islands in malaysia. local fishermen and firemen managed to rescue 55 people. search and rescue ships have also been dispatched. >> suny rebels have fought their way to the country's biggest and refinery in on may brent ironic is considering intervening in the conflict. according to unofficial the rebels gained control of about 75% of the land housing the refinery north of baghdad. this after heavy fighting between rebels and the elite troops who have been under siege for the past weeks. president >> obama will meet with congressional leaders to discuss u.s. involvement. he is reportedly leading into sending special forces into iraq. >> mastermind of a deadly attack of the consulate in benghazi is on his way to the united states. the justice
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minister says he should be put on trial in that country. her arrest of a the incident and and i've seen on sunday. >> the hearing on capitol hill today will be looking into the exchange of five calibafive taliban prisoners. >> holding a joint hearing trying to determine the implications of the exchange of the prisoners and what that could have on
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u.s. national security and the war on terror. among those expected to testify will be the father of a slain soldier. who believes his son was killed while on a mission. a few months after he disappeared from his base in afghanistan. expected to appear and a l.a. courtroom today.
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>> the boys run harm them and now living with relatives. known as his role as a police officer on the television series the shield. >> a judge is expected to rule on suppression of evidence in the murder trial of former nfl star and hernandez. accused of killing his friend last summer. defense attorneys want to suppress all of the evidence. prosecutors say he is holding a gun. in another motion attorneys for the former new england patriots players want the team to turn over medical records. he is also accused of the murder of two men in 2012 after an argument over a spilled drink in a nightclub. former bears quarterback says old football injuries have led to suicidal thoughts.
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he says that he has dementia and depression because of all of the blows to the head that he took. he told the tribune that he would not leave his house for months. you might have killed himself if he had owned any weapons. his old teammate has some of the same symptoms before he committed suicide three years ago. involved in two lawsuits against the nfl. one claims that the league hit the dangers of head injuries from players. the other claims that the week promoted be accepted use of painkillers. >> u.s. patent office says the washington redskins' name is offensive to native americans. that is why they're canceling the trademark. the
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city's newest fresh ishrf
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>> u.s. stocks are drifting lower ahead of this afternoon's federal reserve policy meeting. right now the dow is down just a tad. general motors chief executive officer is testifying on capitol hill today as lawmakers hold a hearing. former
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u.s. attorney general and answering questions before a house panel. for trying general motors as an organization that fails to hand of a complete safety issue and irresponsible way. families of some of the victims held a news conference before the hearing. shoes behind the wheel of a saturn have veered off the road and hit a tree. have carried this unnecessary guilt that i was the cause of michael's death. the aisles because of a mother to lose her only son so tragically. >> to one never see them marry and would never see his grandkids. more
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than 2.5 million general motors vehicles were recalled because of the ignition switch defect. the senator richard blumenthal joined the victims at the news conference. victims who have settled should be given the opportunity to read contest their claims. residents in east garfield park and near west side neighborhood now have a new option for countries. the area which was once considered a food as it now has a fresh market. >> people saw the economic development happen all round them. today 150 good paying jobs in the neighborhood. a grocery store that people can feel is their own. the mayor was in attendance there for the grand opening. along with access to health food the community also added 160
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retail jobs. the seven to open in the chicago land area. >> project could cost $23 million. another kickstart campaign. >> the kinder gentler j. cutler. >> >> he is the singer and guitarist of the
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chicago rock band. scott lucases here four years ago he performed the group scott lucas and the married men. is this friday night at the metro. foundation >> to be named later. prince committee focused programs to children in chicago. different bands all coming together for this could costo cause. >> the list goes on and on. a lot of local favorite certainly. everyone
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has gone to be performing solo like you are for us today. everyone will be performing together. that is what is cool. the only chance i ever got to meet them. even if you have your own great career which you do it is don't nice to meet someone else that you look up to. it is just good to see what happens when you get peanut butter and chocolate. he is a musician in addition. offshore a lot of fun last year. we're calling to let you play us to break. he will be performing again later in our show [music] [music]
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>> it appears to be up for grabs. the giants for making errors stop on the south side for a two game series. tied it with a to run home run to left. piled on with a to run home run. his sixth
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after scoring just six runs during for game skid. the 18-2. pitched more than six solid innings for his third win in a row. >> comes are going for three wins in a row in miami. it was tied at 3 in the seventh when he hit one. >> scored the go- ahead run from first. still in the bottom of the inning jones tucked him deep to right. there was a three run home run. the bears returned to halas hall. >> practice indoors after the with crowd noise piped in. to return from his minor injury. back
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from another year in the system. causing expectations to behind as they always are. everybody in the nfl sang the same thing. it is like reading the same book over and over every day. >> still to come this midday. tom skilling has the full rainy day skilling has the full rainy day forecast. a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts her at a greater risk of stroke. rome? sure! before xarelto®, mary took warfarin, which required monthly trips to get her blood tested. but that's history. back to the museum?
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get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. switching to xarelto® was the right move for mary. ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. no regular blood monitoring; no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit let is for sure. when you're dealing with these thunderstorms that often happens. stuff comes in and it
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looks ominous. the last five days we've had something like 1000 severe weather reports. of those there have been 76 tornadoes. it has been active. brings in these big thunderheads and they're beautiful to look at. photographed this cumulonimbus cloud. check out this thunderhead. this comes in from eastern illinois. the storm chancellor looking east last night. saw this big thunderstorm. that is quite a shock. >> really dramatic
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shot of frankfurt illinois. is this eye-catching or what. >> a beautiful shot of big john poking up into the rising sun. that is a gorgeous shot. >> sent us the shot from the village. another shot of the storm's coming and. caption as this storm is coming in to st. charles this morning. it has been an active day. it is warm and is he mad. it is going to stay that way for a couple more days. more lines of thunderstorms to come into the area. look at this time lapse. we're looking
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north of lake shore drive. >> have some rainfall numbers for you we will share in just a moment. storms barreled eastward across northern illinois. one of many lines that has come through over the last couple of days. there is more to come. it did produce downpours and certainly some ominous scenes. as this one passes by we'll get a little bit of cooling to go on. that could produce some fog on the lakefront. the cooler air pool with it is spinning back here in the northern rockies. that means we're going to get more of these ways to come out of the plains states. have been producing some prolific rainfall.
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>> can concentrate that moisture and figures range tests like the one that came in with this line of thunderstorms. if he conceded clearing going on back to the west of it. shuttle's to how these clusters keep flaring. a jet stream streaking through the warm humid air mass. the atmosphere is loaded with moisture. little if impulses come along along with daytime heating. get the air to double up. >> almost two-thirds of an inch. the storms can produce locally gusty wind.
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cuss of 50 mi. per hour up by the cal. here are some other when the dust. the view from the chicago shoreline pretty impressive. uc the rain cutting in visibility the same thing up in the recreation area. up towards crystal lake. here is the fox family villa. these things do move. they do not park in the area. so far we've had about a quarter inch of rain. >> 2 in. of what normally is down by this time in june. you'll see monthly totals. it has been a wet month. the flood watches were these soils are saturated up to the north. that is a founder storm thunderstorm warning >> conditions expend west all the way to the rockies. parts of colorado. that is
12:35 pm
for wild fires due to dry weather and drought. even a frost and freeze the treasury up in the mountains. here is the forecast this afternoon. see how these clusters of storms will be bubbling up from time to time. here's the forecast. >> they can lead to new storms over the northeast winds hit the southerly winds coming from downstate. a real hit or miss affairs. when all said and done some pretty impressive amounts of rain. we have some model forecast up to 4 in. of rain may come down through the weekend. that will be in certain areas. >> 68 as the
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temperature in chicago by contrast. 86 at kansas city. it is true that warm humid air that is northbound that we're getting of moisture to flow. you can see the live picture looking south out of the willis tower that is coming in. this afternoon periodic thunderstorms. they bring the threat of some severe weather. partial clearing in the afternoon off the meeting to occur. can lead to new storm development. i temperature approaching 90 in the southern suburbs. southeast southwest plans 10 to 20. thunderstorms early. warm and humid. flight southeast wind expected. tomorrow's a mixed sunshine warm humid afternoon showers and thunderstorms. on friday clouds and sunshine with thunderstorms still warm and humid. you
12:37 pm
can take that forecast and rubber- stamp it. >> am not complaining. columbus day in 1942 paul mccurdy is born. was the name of the first and john lennon invited of the first and john lennon invited paul to join
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million. get your winning tickets. let's get started with our fireball game. >>time for lucky day lotto. jackpot is
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100,000. second number 7. 3rd number 13. fourth number is 5. 5th and final number 18. >>have a great day and go get your winning ticket.
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because you deserve better. new technology could one day allow doctors to perform surgery on unborn children to correct a birth defect. >> one of the conditions that they're targeting a spina bifida. leading to severe disabilities and even death. doctors say robotic surgery but reduced the risk involved and fetal surgery and make it more readily available around the world. popular foods that we could soon have less salt. americans eat about 1.5 tsp. of salt a day. a third more than recommended. raises the risk of high blood pressure stroke.
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high blood pressure stroke. >>fow
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but now we're karate parents. one day i noticed her gi looked dingier than the other kids. so i used tide plus bleach alternative and now she's all...pow! she looks as sharp as a serpent strike. [ female announcer ] tide plus bleach alternative. that's my tide plus. using seasonal produce to make healthy meals. the title did not come easily. first you figured a lot to lose weight yourself. you're overweight pre the epic. started coming up with his recipes as a way to help yourself. >> now have a platform to share my 60 lb. weight
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loss story with everyone. >> and a grueling six month competition. can on top after thousands of candidates. you started here. what great recipes do you have for us to the? >>
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>> erica little bit of salt to a little bit of pepper. >> you could use it for obvious or you could use it for the chair is it there. i cut them in half. i sought tvs. a little bit of brown sugar. it is like a cherry pie. going to have a
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little bit of garlic. a little bit of time. mr. this up and we let it go for a couple of minutes. what happens is we have this really nice syrupy sauce. beacon do two things with this. the pork tenderloin. all i'm going to do is wait for this to cool down. a soft landing fruit with a savory on trade. also have a salad. >> tax almost like a vinaigrette. it is really cool and complementary. i thought that was the desert. tom had a fabulous dessert coming. >> your cooking with sugar. i created a trifle. i'm not a
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baker by heart or by profession. what i do is i took a simple box and had some cocoa powder and i made some chocolate anin the food cake. i laid it does. i'm going to have to take some strawberries. they're still popping we built this. i'm going to put the other cupcakes right here. we do a couple more layers. what the end result is his wish we didn't do it in a formal trial like this or we can make them ahead of time like we did here. here's if you're interested in a little taste. i have a stunt double back there for you. >> we cannot focus
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on calories. one of the programs i have been working on is called simple start. a two week program with the program has you eating all whole ingredients. he did not, please. the great way to jump- start the weight loss journey. this is wonderful. you're doing a great job. >> >> we will have a link for the recipe. >> we will have a link for the recipe. don't just visit rome. visit tripadvisor rome.
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with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better.
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we asked on this day in 1942, carny was born. well as the name of the first band invited paul to joannejoin?
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>> did not know anything about that. i'll tell you one thing. we learned that they can rain. but at the radar view of this thunderstorm >> more to come as you can see down to the south of us. system will sell us this afternoon. a few storms could flare. this pattern is not over yet. you can see the red tornado icons. another night of tornadoes in nebraska. but a pounding that state has gotten. still some more severe weather to come. the average over the next five days will be almost 2 in. of rain. individual stations will report anywhere from 49 hundredths to 4.13 in. of rain.
12:57 pm
sometimes reigned as widely varied. the be the case the next couple of days. terry concealer of next 10 days how the midwest and much of northern illinois and minnesota state pretty. here's a line that went through earlier today with some breaks for some occurring northwest of us. these things blow up as you can see and bands right along the jet stream. right along the north fringe of that hot humid air mass. that is that hot humid air feeding moisture up into the cooler air. you can see the seven day temperatures. their
12:58 pm
reaa real summer pattern. >> thank you for joining us today.
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>> we are coming to you from the city beautiful, chicago, illinois, where this afternoon, n

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